Personalize Your Somnox 2 with Our App

Customize your Breathe & Sleep Companion for the ultimate relaxation experience, like adjusting the breathing rhythm or selecting your favorite relaxation music and sounds.

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Adjust to Your Breathing

Some people have a naturally slow pace, while some people have a faster one – Because breathing is personal to everyone, the app lets you customize the breathing settings of your Somnox 2, including the pace and the ratio between inhaling and exhaling.

Introducing: Somnox Sense

Our patented Somnox Sense measures your breathing and breath range with smart sensors, and allows the Somnox to automatically adapt and adjust for deeper, more relaxing breathing.

Use Helpful Breathing Exercises

When you need a moment to relax, try one of our pre-programmed breathing exercises, specially designed to reduce stress and restlessness. Let the Somnox 2 guide you through calming exercises, such as “Resonance breathing”, “4-7-8 breathing” or “Box breathing”.

Play Soothing Sounds

Whether it’s relaxing music, the sounds of nature, white noise, or however you unwind, enjoy the enhanced calming effects of the Breathe & Sleep Companion.

New function in Somnox 2: audio streaming

With the Somnox 2, you can stream audio directly via the app – To play your music or sounds, just sync your favorite Spotify playlist or any other music or meditation streaming platform.

Somnox 2 Streaming

Updating Somnox

Somnox is always evolving – We listen to user feedback and regularly release new updates to improve our products based on your needs. You can update Somnox 2 via the app to ensure that your Breathe & Sleep Companion will always perform to its full potential.

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We’re Here for You

Let us help you personalize your Somnox 2 – Check out our Support page, read our FAQs, and read the extensive mobile app manual. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime.