Personalised sleep with the Somnox app

Select your favourite breathing programs or sounds with our application for Android and iOS.

How does it work?

With the Somnox mobile app you can easily customise the Sleep Robot to your personal preferences.

Select your favourite program
Fall asleep more relaxed with a sleep program, or use the robot during the day for a quick nap or relaxation exercise.

Personalize your breathing
Personalize your robot’s breathing and find the perfect breathing pace.

Play soothing sounds
Select meditation music, white noise or nature sounds to strenghten the calming effect of the Sleep Robot.

1 – Connect your Sleep Robot

Connect your Sleep Robot by clicking on the Bluetooth symbol in the right corner.

When connected, press the Bluetooth symbol again to check your Sleep Robot’s battery levels, or to keep your robot up-to-date with the latest software. 

2 – Select your favourite program

To use the robot, choose your favourite breathing program:

Sleeping – This deep breathing program will help you drift off easily.

Napping – A program that allows your body to refresh without getting into deep sleep.

Relaxing – This program with extra deep exhalation helps you to relax and unwind.

Once selected, you can set the desired duration of the program. The Sleep Robot will automatically switch off when the program is finished. 

3 – Play soothing sounds

The Sleep Robot can also play soothing music, nature sounds, or soft white noise. These sounds have a relaxing effect and can enhance the calming effect of the robot.

To add sounds to your breathing program, turn on ‘Play calming sounds’, and go to ‘select sounds’ to select your desired sounds from the playlist.

4 – Personalise your breathing

After you have chosen your breathing program, you can personalise your breathing pace under ‘breathing’ in the app. Here you can set the breathing range for your Sleep Robot and select the speed at which the robot’s breathing will start (start rate) and slow down to (end rate). Press ‘save’ to send the settings to your robot.

Synchronized breathing

The Sleep Robot can also automatically measure your breathing and adapt to it. To use this functionality toggle ‘Automatically adapt breathing’ on and make sure you keep the Sleep Robot close so it can measure your breathing properly. 


Ready to get started?

We are happy to help you personalise your robot. Visit our support page for our frequently asked questions and a complete manual of the app.