New for Somnox 2: Airplane Mode

New for Somnox 2: Airplane Mode

Today we introduce to you the newest function for Somnox 2: Airplane Mode


What Is Airplane Mode?

Almost all smartphones and electronic devices nowadays have a setting called ‘airplane mode’. This name has come about as the function was primarily launched in the aviation industry. The function makes sure that all Bluetooth, WiFi and other data traffic on your electronic device switches off. However, you can still use your Somnox when airplane mode is enabled.


What Happens When I Enable Airplane Mode?

By enabling airplane mode, both Bluetooth and WiFi on your Somnox switch off. This means that you can no longer connect your Somnox to the mobile app. However, you can still enjoy your breathing program or exercise and Somnox sounds as on your Somnox saves these settings by itself.

When your Somnox is turned on, it is continually searching for a connection in the background. This uses battery power. By enabling airplane mode, your Somnox uses less battery power so that you can enjoy your Somnox longer.

And we all know: more Somnox = more rest!


Curious to know how you can enable airplane mode on your Somnox?

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Tip: Try airplane mode on route to your next destination!