How can I relax my mind before going to sleep?

by | Nov 6, 2019

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Some people fall asleep immediately; their heads hit the pillow. However, for some of us, whenever we want to sleep, our minds start to play. So we end up turning and tossing in bed even for hours without falling asleep. 


We turn on our phones and quickly browse through global sleep statistics. However, at least forty percent of the adult population doesn’t get enough sleep. We are not alone. Such information sounds comforting, but sleep experts have already declared sleep a pillar of good health.


So we search for natural sleep supplements and make a mental list of the ones we must buy in the morning. By the time we get our minds to accept to sleep, it’s a few hours to wake uptime, and we feel like searching for ways to get eight hours of sleep within four hours.


What do we do? How do we get our minds to switch off? If we can learn how to relax our minds before going to sleep, we could be snoring as soon as we get to bed. That is why this article is entitled, ‘how can I relax my mind before going to sleep?’


Here are tips on how to do that;

1. Re-design your bedroom

Before suggesting some tasks that you could be doing before going to bed, let’s talk about the bedroom. You can have the best bedtime routine in the world, but you still cannot sleep well because the sleeping area gets in the way.


We will look at your bedroom in two ways: the structure and the memories. The structure refers to the bed, lighting, and colors. The memories refer to recollections that come to your mind each time you enter your bedroom.


The structure of a great bedroom

1. The right bed and mattress 

What makes a good bed? A good bed should provide sufficient support to your spine and neck so that you don’t wake up with unnecessary pains. The mattress you choose must promote healthy sleeping positions.


Sleep experts like Trish Boudreaux have done excellent reviews on various kinds of mattresses and beds for you. You can also check with such professionals for the best companies around you so that you buy what fits your budget. For instance, Plushbeds makes an excellent latex mattress, but can you afford it?


2. Enough lighting

There are as many bedroom lighting tips as there are interior designers. However, one thing that’s crystal clear is too much light does not promote sleep. How can you even relax your mind when the lighting makes you uncomfortable?


3. No clutter

It is impossible to relax in a stuffy and congested room. One way of relaxing your mind before going to sleep is by de-cluttering your bedroom. Also, ensure you clean your bedding at least once per week an keep the floors clean as well. 


 Dirt can stand in the way of a peaceful night. Try keeping your sleeping area tidy, simple, and elegant, and you will always look forward to bedtime.


Memories of your bedroom.

What comes to mind each time you look at your bedroom? Did you know that if you were abused in that room, you are likely to be traumatized each time you go to sleep? Perhaps your mind cannot relax at night because of the events that have taken place in that room. Hence consider the following tips:


  1. If you shared your bed with your ex and the relationship wasn’t great, you can change the bed or have someone new to make new memories.
  1. If your bedmate has passed on, you can move to another room for a while. Alternatively, you can choose to think of the great memories you shared because positive thoughts will calm you.
  1. Redecorating the bedroom is also a way of erasing the past and preparing for fresh memories.


2. Yin Yoga

You already know that the mental benefits of Yoga include mind relaxation and stress relief. If you’ve never tried Yoga, please know that you are missing out on a great way to exercise both your body and spirit.


Yin Yoga is the best variety of Yoga for relaxing the mind before going to sleep. Yin Yoga postures are also known to improve blood circulation and flexibility. 


 Here is a simple Yin Yoga routine that both beginners and experts can do at home. The method is from Melina Meza, a Yoga teacher for over fifteen years.


Try each step for three to five minutes before moving on to the next. Yoga experts advise us to sit still after each pose and listen to our breathing as we meditate on our lives. Do this routine close to bedtime, and you will solve most sleep disorders.


  1. It starts with the reclined bound angle pose, also known as the reclined cobbler’s pose. The main objective here is to reduce fatigue and any anxiety you might have had during the day.
  1. Then you move to the supine twist to stretch your back muscles and the spine. The pose also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Jathara Parivartanasana or the supine twist is one of those poses that can also help you burn fat around your abdomen.
  1. The third step is Ananda Balasana, also known as the happy baby pose. One benefit of Ananda Balasana that is known the world over is its ability to calm the mind. 
  1.    Thread the needle pose. This pose relaxes most of the upper body muscles and joints. You may not enjoy doing it, but in the end, you feel like you’ve just had a great massage. 
  1.    Legs up the wall pose. As you get used to Yoga, you’ll always want to end your routine with this pose. It’s easy to do, even on the bed, if you have a great mattress. Lie on your back, and raise your legs straight up the wall. You can place a pillow under your buttocks to help you elevate your hips.

3. Deliberate self talk

Have you ever held a meeting with yourself? Sometimes the mind is like a busy office where all manner of voices wants your attention. So you find it hard to sleep immediately; you go to bed since your brain is saturated with voices.


One easy way of easing the mind is through having the courage to face whichever thoughts running through your mind. In other words, call yourself to a meeting and have deliberate self-talk.


Importance of self-talk

  1. You get a chance to confront the negative thoughts in your mind. For instance, imagine you can’t sleep since your bills are piling up. Your brain cannot shut off for you to keep thinking of all the bad things likely to happen to you if you don’t pay your debts.


You can confront such thoughts by facing the fact that if you fail to sleep, you will be more stressed the next day. Therefore, you won’t be able to think clearly about how to manage the bills. Also, stress is a health issue, so you might end up adding medical bills on top of the ones you have already.


  1. Positive self-talk gives you hope. You affirm yourself for nothing is as bad as it seems. Engaging yourself in positive vibes also gives you the morale to confront evil thoughts. 

For instance, you know you are incredibly talented in a particular area. 


If you encourage yourself to look for gigs in the field of your gifting, you will sort out all your bills soon. There are various types of self-talk, and you can master the art of controlling your mind through internal monologue.


4. Read books and articles that make you sleepy

Do you have boring things to read to sleep? If reading these things works for your kids, it can work for you too. You get to divert your mind from stressful thoughts through books and articles so that you can fall asleep.


In case you enjoy reading, a good book will reduce your fatigue significantly. Experts argue that reading keeps your mind occupied, but it could also be a great way to relax.


5. Have sex

Having sex is one of the proven relaxation techniques before bed. Great orgasmic sex helps your body release three kinds of hormones: oxytocin, cortisol, and prolactin.


Note, Oxytocin is the hormone that makes you feel that you want to cuddle your partner after a sexual encounter. 


You two feel close and safe in each other’s arms. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Sex can reduce stress; hence, you get lower levels of cortisol in your body. Finally, prolactin is the hormone you release once you orgasm. That’s why you feel sleepy and happy after an orgasm.


If you form a habit of having sex before bedtime, you will always have a relaxed mind before going to sleep especially, if you get intimate with someone you love and someone that makes you feel safe.

6. Take magnesium supplements

Magnesium is one of the supplements that help you sleep. Health experts say that the mineral reduces stress and anxiety, as well as promoting better sleep. Luckily, you can get the mineral through supplements or foods like almonds and green leafy vegetables.


Although scientists have conducted enough research on magnesium for sleep and anxiety, remember to consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Once you get a green light from your physician, you can find the supplements from stores near you.

7. Eat food rich in Omega 3 

We have talked a lot about exercise, your thoughts, and your bedroom. Nevertheless, your diet is crucial in calming your mind before going to sleep. Apart from taking magnesium supplements, you need to invest in a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.


Foods that help you sleep through the night have a calming effect on your brain. Most of them relieve stress and anxiety; hence, you feel happy and relaxed. Omega-3 fatty acids are like the superman among the foods that promote sleep.


Sources of Omega-3

  1. Salmon
  2. Roasted Soybeans.
  3. Chia seeds
  4. Sardines
  5. Flax seeds
  6. Omega-3 supplements.


8. Take some warm milk

Does warm milk help you sleep? To answer this question, think of what happens to babies when they breastfeed. Most of them fall asleep. That shows that there is a connection between warm milk and falling asleep.


One way to relax your mind before going to sleep is by taking a glass of warm milk. Research tells us that milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan. The nutrient is critical in helping the body release a hormone known as serotonin. 


Serotonin helps you feel relaxed; hence, the hormone aids the body to sleep. Also, milk is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, which not only helps you sleep but also helps you to stay asleep.

9. Eat some organic honey

Honey calms nerves, by the way. Kindly note that only pure and natural honey will do the trick in this scenario, so buy organic honey from a reputable grocery store.  According to research, honey also contains tryptophan.


Overeating honey might cause nausea and tooth decay. Therefore, one spoonful a day is enough. In fact, you add it to your warm milk then take the solution before bedtime. 

10. Go crazy

Sometimes you cannot calm your mind at night because your body is not tired. It’s challenging to get some sleep if you stay idle all day long. You cannot do a lot of work at night, but you can do some crazy stuff to get you tired.


For instance, you can jump up and down on your bed until you are worn out. You need a firm latex mattress for that. You can also engage in a pillow fight or play hide and seek if you have some company.


11. Relax with the Somnox Sleep Robot

If you are having trouble falling and staying asleep, the Somnox Sleep Robot can help. It is a device created by robotics engineers who wanted to help their fellow family members get rid of the sleeping pills they were taking. 

The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you guide your breathing in a subconscious way in combination with soothing audio. Aiming to help people fall asleep faster and get better, more restorative sleep each night.

You can find out how it can help you, by getting free advice from us 👇



Key Takeaways

In case you are have been wondering, how can I relax my mind before going to sleep, you are now spoilt for choice. The tips discussed above have been tried and tested over time. If you still persist to have problems after trying out these things, please contact a professional seeking help.


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