How Somnox helps Eline sleep better during cancer treatment

by | Jul 23, 2021

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Unfortunately, sleep problems are common during or after cancer treatment. This may have several causes, such as stress and worrying, but chemotherapy can also cause sleeplessness. And yet sleep is so important for mental and physical recovery. That’s why Somnox and Stichting Twente tegen Kanker (Twente Foundation Against Cancer) started a pilot to investigate whether the Somnox Sleep Robot can help (former) cancer patients to sleep better. Eline van Zoelen was the first to try out our Sleep Robot through this foundation. And with success! We are happy to share her story here with you. 


In January 2020, Eline was unfortunately diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. That’s also when her sleep problems started. At first due to fear and anxiety, but later mainly due to the side effects of her medication. In order to get some sleep she used sleeping pills, but she didn’t like them and they made her drowsy. So she was very happy that she could try out the Sleep Robot. 


At first, Eline had to get used to the Sleep Robot. It was hard for her to focus on her breathing, but after 2 to 3 weeks she was able to surrender to the breathing of the Robot. Although she is not yet sleeping immediately, she does feel that it brings her peace and that it is good for her. “The most obvious thing I notice is that I have more energy during the day. It’s easier to get up earlier,” says Eline. Because she has more energy to engage in activity during the day, she is physically more tired in the evening, which in turn allows her to sleep better. So it’s a virtuous circle.


The time Eline spends awake at night has also decreased. She still wakes up several times a night, but when she turns the Somnox back on she has already fallen asleep before the program has finished. And she used to lie awake for up to 2 hours!


But best of all: Eline’s ultimate goal, to stop using sleeping pills, has been achieved from day 1. She admits that the first few weeks were tough. She was afraid that she would wear herself out and for a few days she was really cranky from exhaustion. She was about to take a sleeping pill anyway, but it turned out not to be necessary. She is now confident that with the Somnox Sleep Robot she is getting enough rest. 


Eline: “Even though I don’t always get enough hours of sleep, I am more rested. I get more out of my day and I feel more positive. It really is a great help to me!”


Somnox is committed to developing products that you can trust. We continually improve our products based upon user experiences and the latest research. Sleep has a large impact on your wellbeing and it is important that we take your health seriously. Wondering whether Somnox is right for you? Take our quiz and get our free advice.

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