Somnox Raises Growth Capital From Healthcare Investor

by | May 19, 2020

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Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 19 May 2020

Somnox has raised significant growth capital from Dutch investment fund: Health Investment Partners (HIP). The sleep-tech startup develops products and services that help people with sleeping problems improve their sleep quality.

HIP has expressed that investing in sleep, particularly at this time, is essential for a strong, healthy immune system. With their innovative Sleep Robot, Somnox has a proven technology to help people sleep better and improve their overall health.

HIP’s growth capital is supplemented by bank loans from Rabobank.


Figure 1: Somnox team in their Rotterdam office

It all started with a family member’s sleeping problem
Somnox was born Delft University of Technology out of the need to help a family member who suffered severely from sleep problems. In 2018, after hundreds of hours of research, testing and prototyping, Somnox – The World’s First Sleep Robot was introduced. And today it has helped over 4,500 people improve their sleep quality, overall health and quality of life.

After participating in YES! Delft’s accelerator program, Somnox carried out a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, as well as a collaboration with Koninklijke Auping. This led the creation of the first sleep robot prototype and a successful product on the market.

Since then, sleep-tech startup has successfully launched its products in the US and Europe and has garnered a lot of international media coverage (CNN, Fox, etc, etc). They have also won several prestigious industry awards for innovation and technology (Red Dot Design, Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award, Best of CES).

Helping 100 million people sleep better in 2030

“Our sleep-propositions and dream team are all set. The new capital will enable us to accelerate our growth worldwide. After a flying start in 2019, this injection will allow us to improve our current products and add several innovations to our portfolio.

We can scale up faster to achieve our mission of helping 100 million people sleep better in 2030. We will do this not only with products, but also with knowledge and services that contribute to this. To achieve this, we will focus our growth strategy over the next three years on the Netherlands, the US and the UK.”

Julian Jagtenberg
Somnox Founder


Figure 2: The Somnox Sleep Robot in use

The unique approach

Using Somnox’s Sleep Robot, bad sleepers can naturally fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up energetically with the device’s breathing regulation, sounds and mobile app. Science has proven the added value of breathing on sleep because of the main cause of sleeplessness –– stress and anxiety. People who have ‘tried everything’ before to improve their sleep will particularly benefit. Already, Somnox has over a hundred complimentary user experiences on TrustPilot.

Sleep as the best health insurance

“If we all got enough sleep? Then the health care system would be drastically reduced, we would have better mental health. Businesses would be more productive, global economies healthier, traffic safer and our children smarter. Sleep is the best health insurance you can get. A well-rested world is a better world.”

Julian Jagtenberg
Somnox Founder

Visual Material

Note for the editors: images of team Somnox and our products can be downloaded here.

About HIP (Health Investment Partner)

Health Investment Partners (HIP) is an investment fund that focuses on innovative companies with a sustainable impact in terms of prevention, efficiency and quality in healthcare. HIP does so providing growth capital and hands-on guidance. By doing so, HIP wants to contribute to keeping healthcare accessible. HIP has previously invested in QRS, FamilySupporters, Sananet, Mantelaar and SMan.

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About Somnox

Somnox develops products and services that contribute to a better night’s sleep. Their first product is the Somnox Sleep Robot which has received worldwide press attention for its innovative character to eliminate insomnia.

Somnox has won several prominent awards (Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award) and has a partnership with Auping. Somnox also owns several patents.

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HIP (Health Investment Partners): Robert Schumann,

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