All our music & sounds are personally designed by:

The Power Of Music

The purpose of the music is to calm the user down and prepare them for a good night’s sleep. Prior to the design phase, we investigated the relationship between music and sleep. Research has shown that people become quiet from sounds that are made up of noise. Some examples of this are the waves of the sea and the noise of the wind. From this perspective we have chosen our sound palette.

Further research has shown that sleeping with a partner promotes the process. That is why we have incorporated the wave motion of breathing into the music and have made the tempo of the music correspond to the tempo of the heartbeat of a person at rest. In this way the user is stimulated to breathe in a quiet way. For the ambiences we used our own sound library, which is filled with unique recordings from all over the world. All in all, this results in a soothing audio design where you can dream away.

About Manglemoose

About Manglemoose

Manglemoose consist of a team of five audio professionals. Alongside of doing projects in the film and game industry Manglemoose