Corporate Wellness

Insufficient sleep costs companies billions of dollars. More importantly, many work accidents happen due to lack of sleep. We want to help companies and their employees become more aware of the importance of sleep and help them improve it. 

Corporate Wellness

Working and sleeping impact each other every day. Many people know they sleep poorly when they are stressed from work because of a big deadline. Others even have to change their sleep schedule for work. However, the effects of sleep deprivation on your work is at least as big, although not everyone knows about it.

 The Impact of Sleep Problems

Boasting about your lack of sleep was common practice among business people and was a sign of working hard. However, over the years, many studies have shown that sleep deprivation heavily affects someone’s productivity and creativity. A recent study by RAND estimated the annual cost of sleep deprivation can be as high as 3% of GDP. For America, this amounts to over 400 billion dollars. Factors that contribute to this, are:

– Loss in productivity due to concentration problems.

 – Increase in sick-days.

– Deminished outcomes due to lowered problem solving abilities.

The irony is that workload and job satisfaction can be important factors causing sleep problems, which in term affect an employee’s performance. Improving the sleep of a company’s employees can therefore have tremendous effects on a company’s results.

These insights have been picked up by large corporations. Nap areas, sleep education and compensation for healthy living are being implemented in many companies. Do you also want to put sleep on the map within your company with innovative sleep tech?

Shift Work

A major cause of sleep deprivation is having to work night-shifts. By changing the natural sleep cycle of employees, they often develop sleeping problems. The severity of these problems is best illustrated by the fact that the World Health Organisation has officially classified shift work as a risk-factor for developing cancer, due to the sleep deprivation it causes.

Somnox is currently studying the effectiveness of the Sleep Robot for shift-workers in different settings (e.g. railroad builders and pilots of the United States Air Force).

“The last couple of months I had trouble sleeping between my nightshifts. I usually woke up after one hour and could not sleep the rest of the day. Also, before my dayshift I had nights that I didn’t sleep at all. Now, when using Somnox, I fall asleep within a half an hour, I sleep longer and, if I wake up, I fall back asleep in no time. ”


Shiftworker, Trustpilot Review

The Impact Of Sleep On Society

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