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Our mission is to improve the sleep of 100.000.000 people. In order to reach this goal, we work together with a dream team of distribution partners. Through our distributors, we can reach far more people than we could on our own. Together, we bring better sleep to consumers via:

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Feeling is believing

By displaying our products in stores around the world, we offer insomniacs the opportunity to feel sleep robot’s breathing in their hands. Even in the store, people can feel the relaxing effect of breathing regulation. This creates a unique shopping experience for consumers.

Wondering where you can already have a hands-on experience with the Sleep Robot, please check out our store locator:

“During a start-up meeting at the Technical University of Delft, the Sleep Robot immediately had my attention. In healthcare retail, innovations are scarce and therefore the Sleep Robot is a unique addition for Medipoint. The enthusiasm of the ambitious Somnox is contagious and although the team consists of young entrepreneurs, the collaboration is pleasant and constructive.”

Arjan Kant

Purchasing Manager, Medipoint B.V. | Medical Retailer

“As a distributor specialized in innovative consumer electronics on the German market, Somnox is definitely a perfect fit for us.
We are happy to be working with the Somnox team and introducing this great innovation to Germany and thereby helping tackle the overall insomnia problem.”

Stephan Mad

CEO, Consutecc GmbH

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