Our core business is sleep. That’s why we partner with hotels, who’s core business is to bring people a good night’s rest.


Whether it is the cheapest hostel or most expensive hotel, they provide a space to get enough sleep. Therefore, hotels should provide guests with the best possible sleep they can have. Sleeping in a good bed and a silent room is a great start that most hotels offer.

Sleep Problems In Hotels

However, many guests (up to 80%) still have trouble sleeping in hotels. Most often, this is caused by a change in surrounding and is especially common in the first night of a guest’s stay. Because guests are sleeping in a different environment, their primal instincts make them more alert and less likely to fall asleep or reach deep sleep. Providing a feeling of safety and comfort is key in this.

In order to help guests get their well-deserved sleep, Somnox is partnering with hotels. By giving guests a Sleep Robot, we help them relax and fall asleep more easily, giving them all the energy they need for the next day. Moreover, we provide guests with a unique hotel experience.

Where It All Started

Since the earliest prototypes of the Sleep Robot, we have been piloting this concept with Westcord Hotel Delft. Guests are able to reserve a Sleep Robot for their stay and spend one or more nights with the prototype. This gave us a lot of feedback for developing the robot and gave them a unique guest experience.

“Because of our collaboration with Somnox, we are the first hotel chain that is able to offer our guests a sleep robot. Our daily goal is to provide optimal service and exceed guests expectations. With this sleep robot we can take an extra step. Aside from beautiful rooms and personal service we can now offer guests an even better night’s rest. Guests wake up more rested and can get even more out of their day.”

Edo Garretsen

General Manager, Westcord Hotel Delft

We are looking for partners


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Provide guests better sleep?


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Create unique guest experiences that they will tell others about?

Be innovative?


Differentiate from other competitors?

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