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Where can I buy or order Somnox products?

You can buy Somnox products at our website via this link.

Can I try the Somnox products?
Yes! Once you’ve purchased a Somnox product, you can try it for 30 nights in the comfort of your own bed… Please note, many Somnox sleepers experience the full benefits after about 2-3 weeks of use. If you’re still not satisfied with the results after that time, we will refund you the full purchase price, not including return shipping costs, upon receipt of the product in good condition. Click on this link for a full explanation of our return policy.
Where do you ship Somnox products?

We currently deliver to Europe, the United States, and Canada. We offer free shipping for all our customers in the US and EU*, and delivery is carried out by your local carrier via our warehouse partners. 

We’re happy to help with any additional questions regarding shipment. Please contact us here.

* Exceptions may apply based on the difficulty of shipping. If this applies, then extra costs will be automatically calculated during checkout.

Are there Somnox reviews and experiences from others?
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What are the differences between Somnox 1 and Somnox 2?
Both Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 are Breathe & Sleep Companions. They both help you unwind and fall asleep faster, easier, and more peacefully, so you feel fully rested again. Somnox naturally simulates breathing movements to achieve a calming sensation, natural simulation of the breathing movement.

The basic functions of Somnox

Both Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 are the same in terms of basic functionality – they both breathe with you, perform breathing exercises, measure your breathing and adjust automatically, etc. The Somnox 2 allows for audio streaming via Bluetooth.

Physical differences

In terms of appearance and ease of use, there is a distinct size difference between Somnox 1 and Somnox 2. The Somnox 2 is lighter and more compact than Somnox 1 (2.3kg vs. 1.8kg). For people who toss & turn in their sleep, the more compact Somnox 2 makes it easier to take the  Breathe & Sleep Companion with them while turning.

Regarding battery life, the Somnox 2 carries a battery capacity almost twice as large, meaning the battery lasts longer and needs to be charged less often. The battery is USB-C compatible.

Finally, Somnox 2 has a new-and-improved button panel that makes it easy to reactivate the Breathe & Sleep Companion at night, when necessary.

Differences in experience

Due to the larger breathing surface and improved cover design of the Somnox 2 that sits on both your hands and body, the Somnox 2 provides a more immersive, reinforced breathing experience. 

With soft fabrics and memory foam in the cushion, the Somnox 2 easily adapts to your sleeping style.

The Somnox 2 includes enhanced sensors and algorithms to more accurately measure your breathing and more smoothly lull your body to rest. 

For clearer, more pure sounds with less technical interference, the Somnox 2 speaker has been significantly improved in terms of volume and sound quality. 

The Somnox mobile app is now even easier to use and has a number of new features, such as the ability to create and personalize different breathing programs, play breathing exercises, and create your own breathing exercises. Soon, Somnox 2 will introduce new features such as streaming music to Somnox 2 via Bluetooth.

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How does Somnox work?
Did you know your breathing naturally adapts when in contact with another breathing pattern? Because Somnox simulates breathing rhythms, it can subconsciously slow down your breathing, causing a calming sensation that makes it easier to fall asleep.

What’s more, Somnox acts as an external point to focus your attention, thereby reducing stress and facilitating meditation, through relaxing sounds and music.  

For more information, dive into our sleepwhite paper by clicking here.

Will Somnox work for me?

Somnox is intended as a natural sleep solution for people who are stressed, restless, and can’t seem to turn off those nighty racing thoughts, which causes sleep deprivation and low energy levels during the day. Somnox acts as a useful substitute for people who take sleep medication, but prefer to sleep better in a natural way.

What can I do with the mobile app?

You can customize the settings of your Somnox to further personalize your breathing and sleep experience.  By connecting your Somnox to your mobile device, you can perform updates, turn on breathing programs, and play relaxing sounds.The Somnox 2 will introduce the new ability to stream music and sounds via Bluetooth.

For more information about the mobile app, click here.

Is bringing technology into the bedroom harmful?

While sleep experts advise against bringing mobile phones, laptops, televisions, or other screen devices into bed due to the blue lights’ harmful impact on our circadian rhythm, the Somnox has no push notifications, screens, or blue lights to activate the brain at night. We’ve taken extra special precaution to develop a holistic, natural technology that helps the body and mind relax. That’s why there’s no harm in taking Somnox to bed with you.

How do I keep Somnox clean?

The washing instructions differ depending on your version of Somnox.

Please note: always remove the cover from the Somnox device before washing!

Somnox 1
Keep Somnox 1 clean with the included blue/gray sleeve. The sleeve is machine washable up to 60 degrees Celsius. The gray Somnox Cover is removable and can be dry-cleaned if required.

Somnox 2
The washable outer sleeve and inner sleeve of Somnox 2 are machine washable up to 30 degrees Celcius. We recommend washing only the outer sleeve whenever possible.

Will Somnox bother the person sleeping next to me?

After testing Somnox with people who sleep next to a partner, the benefits of Somnox are just as positive as people who sleep alone.

Does Somnox help with sleep apnoea or Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)?

We have no research showing that Somnox has a positive effect on sleep apnea or RLS. Somnox uses breathing as one of its core functions, but it is not with the intention of curing sleep apnea or RLS.

Do I need to hold Somnox throughout the night?

No, holding the Somnox is not necessary; in fact, Somnox sleepers typically automatically let go once they fall asleep. If you wake up during the night, simply hold it again and activate the Somnox to fall back asleep.

How has the Somnox been tested?

We’ve tested the Somnox through extensive scientific research, user tests, and feedback from experts in the field of sleep disorders. While using the Breathe & Sleep Companion, Somnox sleepers have reported that the quality of their sleep increased and that it took less time to fall asleep.

You can read more about these tests and our research by clicking on this link.

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