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Where can I buy or order Somnox products?

You can buy Somnox products in our webshop via this link.

Can I test or try the Somnox products?

If you have purchased a Somnox product in our webshop, you can try it out for 30 nights in the comfort of your own home and bed. Doesn’t it work right away? No worries: many users experience the benefits of our products after about two weeks of use. Still not satisfied with the results? Then you will be refunded the full purchase price, provided that the product is returned in a saleable condition. Only the costs of the return package are for your account. Click on this link for a full explanation of our return policy.

Where do you ship Somnox products?

We deliver in Europe, the United States & Canada. We offer free shipping for all our customers in the US and EU*, and delivery will be carried out by your usual parcel service via our warehouse partners. 

We’re happy to help in case you have any additional questions regarding shipment. Please contact us here.

* There are some exceptions based on the difficulty of shipping. If this applies, then extra costs will be automatically calculated during check out.

Are there Somnox reviews and experiences from others?

Click here to read other people’s reviews and experiences.

What is the relationship between Somnox and Royal Auping?

When the four Somnox founders invented the first Sleep Robot during their studies, Auping helped them to produce a number of prototypes. When these were well received by people suffering from insomnia, the founders decided to start their company and to further develop the Sleep Robot in collaboration with Auping. Together, the companies developed the first prototypes, from a concept to a truly Auping-worthy product launched in 2019.

Click here to read more about the collaboration between Somnox and Auping.


What are the differences between Somnox 1 and Somnox 2?

Both Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 are Breathe & Sleep Robots. They help you fall asleep faster, easier and more peacefully, so you feel fully rested again. Somnox achieves this with a unique technique we developed ourselves: a natural simulation of the breathing movement.

The basic functions of Somnox
The basic functions of Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 are the same. Somnox breathes with you. You can do breathing exercises or let Somnox measure your breathing and adjust itself automatically. By holding Somnox, you can feel and (unconsciously) adopt its rhythm. This allows you to relax by slowing down your breathing.

In addition, Somnox can play soothing music, nature sounds or noise. These sounds have a relaxing effect and can therefore enhance the calming effect of Somnox. This makes it easier to fall asleep.

With the mobile app, you can easily adjust the Somnox’ settings to your personal preferences. The app allows you to change the breathing or choose soothing music and sounds.

Physical differences
By physical differences, we mean differences in appearance and ease of use. A clear physical difference between Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 is the size. Somnox 2 is a lot smaller than Somnox 1. The smaller size also means that Somnox 2 is less heavy. The weight has shrunk from 2.3 kg to 1.8 kg. For people who turn a lot in their sleep, it is therefore easier to take the Breathe & Sleep Robot with them while turning.
Another difference concerns the battery. Somnox 2 has a battery with a larger capacity (almost twice as large), which means the battery lasts longer. This means that Somnox 2 needs to be charged less often for longer use. The battery is charged with a USB-C charger.

Finally, Somnox 2 has a new button panel. This makes it easier at night to find the clearly tactile buttons to reactivate the Breathe & Sleep Robot if needed.

Differences in experience
There are also a number of differences that can be experienced when using the Breathe & Sleep Robot. An important difference is that Somnox 2 has a larger breathing surface than Somnox 1. The breathing has also been moved to the belly of the Breathe & Sleep Robot, so that you can now feel the breathing not only with your hand(s) but also on your body by putting this side against you. This effect is reinforced by a new design of the cover, where breathing is clearly perceptible in the fabric.

Somnox 2 gives you a unique Somnox experience through the use of memory foam in the cushion. This way Somnox 2 adapts to you. The washable cover has been optimised using even softer fabrics.

Somnox 2 has improved sensorics and an improved algorithm that measures your breathing much more accurately. The updated Somnox Sense algorithm ensures that your breathing is brought down even more gradually.

The Somnox 2 speaker has been significantly improved in volume and sound quality. This ensures that the sounds from Somnox 2 are played more purely. The sound of the mechanical breathing simulation (the ‘snoring’) is therefore less present.

Finally, the mobile app has been updated for all Somnox users. The app is now even easier to use and has a number of new features, such as the ability to create and personalise different breathing programmes, play breathing exercises and create your own breathing exercises. In the near future, Somnox 2 will have new features such as streaming music to Somnox 2 via Bluetooth.

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How does Somnox work?

Your breathing naturally adapts when in contact with another breathing pattern. Somnox simulates breathing rhythms. As a result, Somnox can slow down your breathing. This makes you relaxed, making it easier to fall asleep. 


In addition, Somnox can function as an external point to focus your attention on, thereby reducing your worries and/or stress. Sound playback via Somnox as an additional option can further improve your sleep.

For more information, please read our research in our white paper by clicking here.

Will Somnox work for me?

Somnox is intended for people who suffer from stress-related insomnia. These are people who are restless in bed at night or who suffer from pondering, which makes them fall asleep very late or not at all, or who wake up often during the night. Somnox is also useful for people who take medication for a better night’s sleep, but prefer to sleep better in a natural way.

What can I set with the mobile app?

The mobile app allows you to customise the settings of your Somnox. By connecting Somnox to your phone you can perform updates, switch on breathing programs and play sounds. For Somnox 2, new features will be added later, such as the possibility to stream music via Bluetooth.

For more information about the mobile app, click here.

Bringing technology into the bedroom: isn't that harmful?

That depends very much on the technology you are talking about. Indeed, sleep experts advise against bringing mobile phones, laptops, televisions and other screen devices into bed. Several studies have shown that the blue light from these gadgets has a negative impact on our biological clock. Blue light activates the brain, whereas we want it to relax in order to fall asleep. Moreover, the messages and push notifications that come in on a phone, for example, are very distracting. It’s hard to fall asleep when your phone is constantly vibrating on the bedside table.

Somnox has no push notifications, screens or blue lights that activate the brain at night. We use scientifically developed technology that helps the body and mind relax. That’s why there’s no harm in taking Somnox to bed with you.

How do I keep Somnox clean?

The washing instructions differ per version of Somnox.

Please note: never wash your cover while Somnox is still inside.

Somnox 1
Keep Somnox 1 clean with the blue or grey sleeve that comes with it. This is machine washable up to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The grey Somnox ticking is removable and can be dry-cleaned if required.

Somnox 2
The washable outer sleeve and inner sleeve of Somnox 2 are machine washable up to a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. We recommend washing only the outer sleeve wherever possible.


Doesn't it bother the person sleeping next to me?

We have also tested Somnox with people who slept with a partner and the results were just as positive as with people who slept alone.

Does Somnox help with sleep apnoea or Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)?

We have no research showing that Somnox has a positive effect on sleep apnea or RLS. Somnox uses breathing as one of its core functions, but not with the intention of curing sleep apnoea or RLS.

Do I need to hold Somnox throughout the night?

No, you don’t have to. As soon as you fall asleep, you usually let go of Somnox automatically. This is not a problem. If you wake up during the night, you can hold it again and press the middle button: this will activate Somnox and you will quickly fall back asleep.

How has the effect of Somnox been tested?

Extensive scientific research, user tests and feedback from experts in the field of sleep disorders form the basis of Somnox. Users reported that the quality of their sleep increased and that it took less time to fall asleep.

You can read more about these tests and our research by clicking on this link.

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