Sleep as your superpower

What if we could help the world sleep better through smart technology?

Bringing the world better sleep, naturally.

Sleep deprivation is a growing problem that impacts millions of people across the world. Current treatments often include pharmaceuticals which can have harmful side-effects and are potentially addictive. At Somnox we are motivated to help you improve your sleep in a natural way, and we believe anyone should be able to experience the superpower of sleep. We hope that our products will not only help you fall asleep naturally, but also provide more relaxation and rest during the day.

Our Story

How it started

My name is Julian Jagtenberg, one of the founders of Somnox. My story starts with my mother, who often felt tired, had little energy and a poor immune system
due to lack of sleep.

My mother tried all sorts of things to sleep better but nothing worked. After yet another disappointment, I took matters into my own hands.

With a background as an engineer at the Delft University of Technology, I started researching sleep. My mission: to help my mother sleep well again without the need for medication.