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Our mission is to help 100 million people sleep better by 2030.

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Bringing the world better sleep, naturally.

Sleep deprivation is a growing problem that impacts millions of people across the world. Current treatments often include pharmaceuticals, which can have harmful side-effects and are potentially addictive. At Somnox, we’re motivated to help you improve your sleep in a natural way, and we believe everyone should be able to experience the superpower of sleep. We hope that our products will not only help you fall asleep naturally, but also provide you with more relaxation and rest during the day.

Our story


How it started

The mother of Julian Jagtenberg, Co-Founder of Somnox, slept poorly. She often felt tired, had little energy, and suffered from a poor immune system as a result. But no matter what she tried, nothing helped her sleep better.


To the rescue

Julian couldn’t bear it any longer and decided to take matters into his own hands to help his mother. He studied thousands of pages of literature, talked to sleep scientists, and conducted user studies. His mission: to help his mother sleep well again, without medication.


Crucial insights

Breathing and sleep turned out to be strongly connected. Deep breathing calms the body and mind and allows for better sleep. Furthermore, babies often unconsciously adopt their parents’ breathing – this is called ‘mimicking’. Julian decided to combine these insights to develop a new sleep solution.


The first prototypes

He gathered a team and developed the first prototypes of our Sleep Robot at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. The first versions didn’t help his mother at all. They were too big, too heavy, too noisy… and the team almost gave up. That was until they managed to make the Sleep Robot’s breathing so natural that Julian’s mother subconsciously adopted the same breathing pattern. 


From idea to Somnox

That was the moment they decided to make the prototype even better. After a lot of research with other poor sleepers, and through a collaboration with Dutch bed manufacturer Auping, we decided to release our patented invention. This led to the birth of Somnox: coming from the Latin words ‘Somno’ and ‘nox’ – meaning ‘sleep’ and ‘night’, respectively. Since then, the Somnox Sleep Robot has helped thousands of people sleep better.


The Dream Team

That’s why we are on a mission with a fantastic team: to help 100 million people sleep better by 2030! We believe that good sleep is a superpower that everyone should be able to experience. 


From revolution to evolution

User feedback is invaluable to us, so we always listen carefully to what our users have to say. That’s why Somnox 2 is an outcome of everything we learned from our users. With Somnox 2 we wish to help even more poor sleepers discover the power of breathing. Sleep well in a natural way, without medication. Breathe, relax, sleep.

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The Improved Breathe & Sleep Robot

The Dream Team

Julian Jagtenberg

Founder | CEO

Stijn Antonisse

Founder | CTO

Wouter Kooyman Van Guldener

Founder | CFO

Job Engel

Founder | Lead Data

Gillis Wesselman van Helmond

Commercial Director

Nadine Rouleaux

Head of Research

Baginda Tirtadji

Digital Marketing Lead

Dennis Swart

Supply Chain

Bo Nataraj

Customer Support Manager

Samantha Kornelisse

Customer Care

Verushka Bhagwanbali

Financial Controller

Jeroen Feron

E-Commerce Lead

Luc Bolier

Product Developer

Muriël van Oers

Science Editor

Hoye Lam

Software Lead

Robert Bezem

Embedded Software Engineer

Tom van Delft

Embedded Software Engineer 

Anne Janzen

Customer Care

Bryan Yip

Product UX & Visual Designer

Join our team

Since 2016 Somnox has grown into an enthusiastic team with a mission: to make the superpower of sleeping naturally accessible to everyone.

We’re always looking for bright and talented people to join us on our mission. Sounds like you?

Our Core Values

We are a pro sports team

Everyday, we work hard to ensure that everyone can experience the superpower of good sleep. As a team, we work toward one common goal and help each other out wherever we can.

We’re obsessed over our customers

We’re passionate about sleep and always listen to our customers. They are our experts on the road to innovation.

We don’t do bullshit

We are honest and always stick to our promises. We don’t do blah blah, and always back up our claims with data and evidence.

We’re human, not robots

Automation and robotics are great, but nothing can replace real human contact.

We evolve immediately

We are eager to learn and deliberately step out of our comfort zones. We love feedback to help us grow as individuals and as a team.

We take care

We truly care about everything we do. We pay attention to our customers and deliver top grade products. Quality over quantity, to ensure you get the A+ experience you deserve.

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