Helping 100 Million People Sleep Better by 2030

Somnox is on a mission to make the superpower of sleep naturally accessible to everyone.

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Our story

How it started

From Idea to Somnox

At Somnox, we know all about the impact of poor sleep. Somnox Founder, Julian Jagtenberg, originally developed the sleep technology to help a close family member sleep better, because he witnessed how much they suffered from a lack of sleep.


To the Rescue

After nothing seemed to help for long, Julian decided to take matters into his own hands. He dedicated countless hours reading scientific literature, talking to sleep experts, and conducting user studies. His mission: to help his family sleep well again, without medication.


One Vital Insight

The connection between breathing and sleep is extremely powerful – Deep breathing calms the body and mind and allows for better sleep, and even babies often unconsciously adopt their parents’ breathing – this is called ‘mimicking’. It was these discoveries that led to a brand new sleep solution.


The first prototypes

After gathering a team at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, Julian created the first prototype of the Sleep Robot, and the result… Well, the first versions didn’t help his family member at all – they were too big, too heavy, and too noisy… It wasn’t until they managed to make the Somnox’s breathing so natural that Julian’s mother subconsciously adopted the same breathing pattern, as well as a collaboration Dutch bed manufacturer Auping, that led to the birth of the patented Somnox as we know it today.


The Dream Team

That’s why we are on a mission with a fantastic team: to help 100 million people sleep better by 2030! We believe that good sleep is a superpower that everyone should be able to experience. And by the way, Julian’s family member is still involved in the design and product testing of Somnox today, and she’s sleeping better than ever.


From Revolution to Evolution

Customer feedback is invaluable to us, so we always listen carefully to what our customers have to say. That’s why Somnox 2 is an outcome of everything we learned from our customers. With Somnox 2 we wish to help even more poor sleepers discover the power of breathing. Sleep well in a natural way, without medication. Breathe, relax, sleep.

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Our Core Values

People Helping People

As a team, we work hard everyday to ensure everyone can experience the superpower of good sleep.

Customer Obsessed

Our customers are our experts on the road to innovation – we always listen and value their opinions.

No Bullshit

We are honest, transparent, and always back our claims with data and scientific evidence.

Human First

Automation and robotics are great, but nothing can replace real human contact.

Pushing Comfort Zones

We push our comfort zones to put you in yours. We are eager to learn and cherish feedback to help us grow as individuals and as a team.

Quality Over Quantity

We truly care about everything we do. We pay attention to our customers and deliver top grade products to ensure you get the A+ experience you deserve.

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