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Is using Somnox to be able to unwind

“I would recommend the Somnox to anyone who wakes up at night and cannot fall asleep for any reason. Somnox has really become a life-saver for me. I just sleep through nights again, for the first time in 6 years.”

Happy Sleeper


Is using Somnox against stress and restlessness

“This is the only thing that has helped me to sleep. I was a severe insomniac even going up to 7 days without sleep at my worst. With Somnox I fall asleep within 30 minutes and wake up less often at night. It has resulted in a great improvement in my health. Excellent product and great customer service.”

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Is using Somnox to fall asleep faster.

“The Somnox Sleep Robot is the reason why I sleep again. After two weeks I was used to the breathing rhythm and soothing music, I fall asleep so much calmer than before and sleep better through the night. When I wake up during the night and feel restless, I switch it back on and drift off into blissful sleep again.”

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Happy Sleeper

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“The key feature of the product is to guide the breathing of the sleeper. The Somnox Sleep Robot makes use of principles that have been shown to be beneficial to sleep.”

Roy Raymann

PhD. Sleep Scientist | Sleep Expert , SleepScore Labs