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Hear from our happy Somnox sleepers

“The combination of robotics, sensors, and real-time feedback systems is transforming how we sleep.”

Peter H. Diamandis
Entrepreneur, CEO X Prize Foundation

“Somnox helps me all asleep easily and wake up well rested.”

Chloe Robinson
Care Assistant

“I can now sleep through the night again. Somnox is a real godsend for me.”

Curtis Ferrell
Flight Attendant

“I would recommend the Somnox to anyone who wakes up at night and can't fall back asleep for any reason.”

Travel journalist

“This is my top tip for a better night's sleep.”

Patrick Martens

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By Matt Jancer


“This gently breathing robot cuddles you to sleep.”


By Mary Grace Garis


“I got into bed with a robot have never known deeper love- or rest”


By Jennifer Kite Powell


“A robot designed to improve the quality of sleep.”


By Sarah Riccio


“An innovative, soothing and, well, adorable bedtime companion!”


By Miranda Levy


“I wake up feeling happy, and pleased to see Beany first thing”


By Jackson Lindeke


“A comfortable & natural treatment for insomnia”


Recommended by Sleep Experts

“The key feature of the product is to guide the breathing of the sleeper. Somnox makes use of principles that have been shown to be beneficial to sleep.”

Roy Raymann PhD.

Sleep Scientist | Sleep Technology Expert, Founder/Owner Sleep Czar, CA, USA.

“Somnox can help those struggling to sleep learn how relaxation, mindfulness, and controlled breathing can help set the stage.”

Dr. W. Chris Winter

Sleep Researcher | Neurologist

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