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Discover the power of breathing with the Somnox 2 Breathe & Sleep Robot. Breathe better, relax better, sleep better. Specifically designed to help you be at your best every day!

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Sleep better with Somnox 2

Stress and restlessness are often the root cause of insomnia. Somnox 2 uses unique breathing techniques to help you truly relax.

It’s a natural solution to insomnia without any unpleasant side effects, developed to combat sleeplessness caused by stress and worrying. You will fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and longer. This will allow you to take back control of your sleep. You’ll feel well-rested in the morning and have the energy to enjoy life to the fullest. 


Controlled breathing reduces stress, lowers your heart rate, and calms your body and mind.

Sleep better

A natural, effective, and proven way to calm your mind and sleep better.

Relax during the day

Use Somnox 2 during the day for extra relaxation. Meditate, do a breathing exercise or stream your favourite music (coming soon).

The power of breathing is the most natural, proven, and effective way to calm your mind and sleep better.

How it works

Breathe better, relax better

The Somnox 2 Breathe & Sleep Robot simulates breathing. By holding Somnox 2, you can physically feel the calm breathing rhythm and then (unconsciously) adopt it. This allows you to relax, so you can drift off to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer. 

Smart sensors measure your breathing

Our patented Intelligent Smart Breathing technology responds to your breathing in real time. Somnox 2 detects your breathing rate and adapts its breathing rhythm to match yours. It then gradually slows down your breathing rhythm, allowing you to truly relax.

Stream your favourite music and sounds (coming soon)

Somnox 2 has improved audio, including smooth audio streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Listen to your favourite music or relaxing sounds wherever you want.

Personalise your moment of rest

With the mobile app, you can fully customise Somnox 2 to fit your needs and preferences. Choose a breathing rhythm that suits you and play your favourite meditation or breathing exercises.

Discover Somnox 2

The Improved Breathe & Sleep Robot

What do our users say about Somnox?

“Before I know it I'm asleep and the next day I wake up very refreshed.”

Alyson Annan
Dutch National women’s hockey coach

“Somnox is really a relaxation tool for me before I go to bed.”

Medical Nurse

“This is my top tip for a better night's sleep.”

Patrick Martens

“I can now sleep through the night again. Somnox is a real godsend for me.”

Former police officer

“I would recommend the Somnox to anyone who wakes up at night and can't fall back asleep for any reason.”

Travel journalist

Somnox 2: even more comfort & ease of use

Even more natural breathing

The revamped, extra-large breathing surface and our Intelligent Smart Breathing-technology provide extra natural breathing and an even more personalised experience.

Extra comfort

Somnox 2 is smaller, lighter, softer, and quieter, for even more comfort and ease of use.

Brand new companion app

The all-new and simplified Somnox app guides you to better breathing and sleeping.

100% risk-free

Try Somnox for 30 nights

Try Somnox 2 for 30 nights, in the comfort of your own bed. If your sleep doesn’t improve, you’ll get a full refund.