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Calm your mind to fall asleep faster and sleep better.
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Our Sleep Solution

Discover the power of breathing

The Somnox Sleep Robot

Our validated and patented, drug-free sleep solution uses continuous and precise breathing simulation to quiet the racing mind, guiding you towards deep restorative sleep. Put your hands on the Somnox Sleep Robot and breathe along with the physical sensation of the falling and rising of the breathing pulse. The Sleep Robot helps you fall asleep relaxed and wake up rested, so you can be at your best every day!

Tried everything to fall asleep, but nothing works? Breathing is your answer.

The root-cause of sleeplessness is often an overactive mind. Stress and restlessness prevent your body from being able to rest, which makes it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. Breathing is the most natural and proven way to calm the mind, lower your heart rate and reduce stress levels. The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you relax by using unique breathing techniques, which make you feel wonderfully calm. You will fall asleep faster, sleep better and longer.

What can Somnox do for you?

A calmer feeling

The subtle sounds and breathing movements the Sleep Robot makes help you relax more easily. Your mind becomes calm and you no longer lie awake, worrying.

Sleeping better

Feeling completely relaxed, you will not only fall asleep faster, you’ll also sleep deeper and longer. Sleep better, the natural way. 

Feel comfortable and protected

With the Sleep Robot, you feel safe and secure, making it easier to surrender to sleep.

Patented Breathing Technology

The Somnox Sleep Robot guides your breathing. By holding Somnox you’ll physically feel the calm breathing rhythm and (unconsciously) adopt it. Once your breathing slows down, your mind becomes quiet and you’ll be wonderfully relaxed, drifting off to sleep.

Relaxed breathing icon

Place your hands on the Sleep Robot and breathe along with the physical rhythms

Would you like to discover the relaxing effect of breathing for yourself?

Sensors measure your breathing

The Sleep Robot has sensors that detect your breathing rate. Through these measurements the Sleep Robot can adapt itself to your breathing and gently slow it down. Quiet breathing has been proven to reduce stress and calm your mind .

Relaxed breathing icon

The Sleep Robot detects your breathing and automatically adapts to it.

Sleep Enhancing Audio

The Sleep Robot can play soothing music, nature sounds, or white/pink noise. These sounds help you relax and can enhance the Sleep Robot’s calming effect.

Soothing sound icon

Sounds designed to help you calm down and fall asleep easier.

Personalized Breathing Experience

With the Somnox  Mobile App you can easily adjust the settings of your Sleep Robot to your personal preferences. In the app you can change your breathing program or choose your favorite soothing sounds and music.

Personalized icon

The Sleep Robot can be fully personalised via your smartphone.

What do our users say?


“After two weeks I was used to the breathing rhythm and soothing music, I fall asleep so much calmer than before and sleep better through the night.”


– Nienke


“I’ve fallen to sleep much faster since using it, and I’m waking up feeling so much better now that I’m sleeping 8 hours per night regularly.”


– Frances


“Breathing like a living thing, Somnox works by getting us to sync our breathing with the robot, which in turn helps us relax and unwind”


– Sarah


When using Somnox, I fall asleep within a half an hour, I sleep longer and, if I wake up, I fall back asleep in no time. I’m very happy that Somnox exist. It is really worth the money. Thanks to the Somnox team!


– Dave


High quality product with smart options and easy to use for all ages.

– Dhr. Nederlof

30-night risk-free trial

Not satisfied with the results after 30 nights? You will get your money back. Read more.

Real Results

Users report falling asleep about 50% faster and improving their sleep quality by 90% on average.

2-Year Warranty

We offer a two-year warranty including repairs.

Sleep Support

Questions, comments or in need of advice about sleep? We’re always here for you.

The problem

The ‘old’ way of trying to sleep
Trying 100+ advices that don’t work
 Taking sleeping pills
Churning thoughts that keep you awake

The solution

Imagine the new way of sleeping
Drug-free & natural solution without side effects
Real results, recommended by experts
Relax through the power of relaxed breathing
100% Risk Free Trial

Try the Sleep Robot for 30 nights

Purchase with confidence. Try the Sleep Robot for 30 nights to confirm it’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sleep Robot work for me?

The Sleep Robot is meant for people that experience sleeplessness caused by stress-related problems. People that worry at night, about their work or family, and fall asleep after staring at the ceiling for hours or not at all. The Sleep Robot can also be of use for everyone that uses medicine to fall asleep, but would rather do this in a more natural way.

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How does the Sleep Robot work?

The Sleep Robot simulates breathing rhythms. Your breathing naturally adapts when there is contact with a different breathing pattern. As a result, the Sleep Robot can slow down your breathing. This makes you relax, making it easier to fall asleep. 


In addition, the Sleeping robot can function as an external point to focus your thoughts, which reduces your worries and stress thoughts. Sounds (through guided meditation or a simulated heartbeat, for example) are also used as extra options to give you an ideal night’s sleep. 

You can read more about our research in our white paper by clicking here.

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How do I keep the Sleep Robot clean?

Keep your Sleep Robot clean with the washable sleeve that comes with the robot. This cotton sleeve is washable up to 60 degrees Celsius in your machine. The grey thicking around the Sleeping robot is removable and can be dry-cleaned if necessary. PLEASE NOTE: never wash your sleeve or thicking while the Sleeping robot is still inside.

Do I need to keep holding the Sleep Robot at night?

No, it’s not necessary. As soon as you fall asleep, you will automatically let go of the Sleep Robot in most cases. That is not a problem. If you wake up during the night, you can try and hold it again and press the button in the middle: that activates the robot.

How was the effect of the Sleep Robot tested?

Extensive scientific research, user tests and feedback from experts in the field of sleep disorders form the basis of the Sleep Robot. We discovered that the subjective perception of sleep quality was increased and that less time was needed to fall asleep.

You can learn more about these tests in our research by clicking here.

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Does the Sleep Robot help with sleep apnea or Restless Leg Syndrome?

We haven’t done any research yet that proves this. The Sleep Robot uses breathing as one of its main functions but not with the intention to cure sleep apnea or RLS.