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Our Goal.

When the four Somnox founders invented the sleep robot during their studies, Auping helped them to produce some prototypes. When these were well received by people that suffered from insomnia, the Somnox founders decided to start their business and they decided to further develop the robot with Auping. Together the companies took the development of the prototypes from a proof of concept to a truly Auping-worthy product that is be launched in March 2019.

Auping is leading when it comes to knowledge of sleep, circular thinking and acting. Auping and Somnox support each other in research and in product development, providing both parties with knowledge and input. Auping engineers work to make the Somnox robot fully ready for production and to assure that the technology inside works accurately. Auping further contributes to developing the comfort of the product, designing and sewing the soft sleeve of the robot. This sleeve is made of the same material as the ticking that Auping manufactures for its mattresses.

About Auping

About Auping.

For more than 130 years, Auping has been designing the very best ways of resting. And for good reason. We believe a rested world, is a better world. A beautiful world. When well rested, you feel it: you are relaxed, vigorous, sharp and friendly. You are awake. Sleep is precious. Going to sleep on time and sleeping through the night makes the difference between winning and losing. And yet no one really pays attention to rest, and what you need for it.

A good bed, for starters. An Auping is personal, custom-made craftsmanship. This is what makes an Auping so special. Every single bed is made with care and attention to detail, the environment and the future. This is how we make sure every morning is better than yesterday. An Auping is more than just a bed. Or a mattress. It is our conviction: a rested world is a beautiful world. Auping brings rest to the world. Being a family-owned company in Deventer (NL) we invest significantly in sustainability and aim to organize all our processes and products in a circular manner according to the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy.

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