How to try out the Somnox Sleep Robot?

by | Aug 22, 2019

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As you may know now, regulated breathing is the simplest and most powerful tool to reduce stress and increase relaxation.

By snuggling the Sleep Robot, your body and mind will automatically follow the physical sensation of falling and rising of the breathing of the robot.

This will make you feel calmer, more relaxed and thus fall asleep faster.

Through years of research and development, feedback from thousands of people, hundreds of different prototypes, we have created the world’s first human-like breathing experience. But it’s difficult to replicate that experience to you digitally.

💤 Try it out in one of the stores. You can visit one of many stores throughout the world (currently only the US and Europe) to experience it for yourself.

🛌Try it out in your bed. Nothing within reach? Order your Sleep Robot and try it out in your home for 30 nights, zero commitments. Not completely satisfied? Return the robot and get your money back 100%, no questions asked.

Click here to order your Sleep Robot today.

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