How Somnox helps Eline sleep better during cancer treatment

How Somnox helps Eline sleep better during cancer treatment

Unfortunately, sleep problems are common during or after cancer treatment. This may have several causes, such as stress and worrying, but chemotherapy can also cause sleeplessness. And yet sleep is so important for mental and physical recovery. That’s why Somnox and Stichting Twente tegen Kanker (Twente Foundation Against Cancer) started a pilot to investigate whether the Somnox Sleep Robot can help (former) cancer patients to sleep better. Eline van Zoelen was the first to try out our Sleep Robot through this foundation. And with success! We are happy to share her story here with you. 


In January 2020, Eline was unfortunately diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. That’s also when her sleep problems started. At first due to fear and anxiety, but later mainly due to the side effects of her medication. In order to get some sleep she used sleeping pills, but she didn’t like them and they made her drowsy. So she was very happy that she could try out the Sleep Robot. 


At first, Eline had to get used to the Sleep Robot. It was hard for her to focus on her breathing, but after 2 to 3 weeks she was able to surrender to the breathing of the Robot. Although she is not yet sleeping immediately, she does feel that it brings her peace and that it is good for her. “The most obvious thing I notice is that I have more energy during the day. It’s easier to get up earlier,” says Eline. Because she has more energy to engage in activity during the day, she is physically more tired in the evening, which in turn allows her to sleep better. So it’s a virtuous circle.


The time Eline spends awake at night has also decreased. She still wakes up several times a night, but when she turns the Somnox back on she has already fallen asleep before the program has finished. And she used to lie awake for up to 2 hours!


But best of all: Eline’s ultimate goal, to stop using sleeping pills, has been achieved from day 1. She admits that the first few weeks were tough. She was afraid that she would wear herself out and for a few days she was really cranky from exhaustion. She was about to take a sleeping pill anyway, but it turned out not to be necessary. She is now confident that with the Somnox Sleep Robot she is getting enough rest. 


Eline: “Even though I don’t always get enough hours of sleep, I am more rested. I get more out of my day and I feel more positive. It really is a great help to me!”


Somnox is committed to developing products that you can trust. We continually improve our products based upon user experiences and the latest research. Sleep has a large impact on your wellbeing and it is important that we take your health seriously. Wondering whether Somnox is right for you? Take our quiz and get our free advice.

Healthy Habits to Practice While Social Distancing

Healthy Habits to Practice While Social Distancing

The COVID crisis has changed how you interact with society, which can be stressful, overwhelming and very strange. Even as things begin to reopen and return to a state of normalcy, you still may not feel comfortable doing some of the things you used to do. However, it is important that you remain mentally and physically healthy as society begins to reopen and adjust to a new normal.

Deal With Any Health Issues

You may be thinking that you need to put off any or all health issues that you have developed during this time because it is unsafe to visit your doctor’s office. However, that is no longer the case as Telehealth services have become more and more prevalent.

Telehealth is a resource that offers patients health-related services via telecommunication technologies. This will allow you to speak to a doctor about any health conditions that you have had or that have recently developed.

Many people have developed extreme anxiety or depression due to the stressful state of the world right now. Luckily many Telehealth companies are able to prescribe medications to help you with those conditions.

Using Telehealth is also a great way to take the pressure off any sensitive topics that you may feel uncomfortable discussing in person. Therefore, now is a better time than any to schedule a Telehealth appointment to discuss any health issues you may have been putting off such as erectile dysfunction. Utilizing Telehealth services to get information and erectile dysfunction medication, like Viagra, will not only provide you a secure and convenient online consultation, you will also be able to avoid any waiting room anxiety.

Get An Adequate Amount of Sleep

As mentioned before, there has been an increase in anxiety and depression-related illnesses since the COVID outbreak began. The same stressors that are causing those higher rates are also causing a change in sleeping patterns, eating habits, ability to concentrate and use of substances in citizens.

1 in 5 people suffer from sleep-related problems, which range from difficulty falling asleep, frequently waking up, and waking up early. The symptoms can weigh on you and have a significant impact on our quality of life.

As a result of inadequate sleep, many people turn to an easy solution, being medication. However, sleep medication can have adverse effects and be ineffective in the long run. So, you ideally want to get down to the root of the problem, which could be your sleep environment, being overly stressed, what you’re consuming and more.

There are many things that can help you have a better nights sleep and they include:

  1. Adjusting your sleep environment
  2. Meditation
  3. Investing in a sleep aid, like the Somnox Sleep Robot
  4. Reducing your use of electronic devices 1 hour before bed
  5. Not eating 1 hour before bed

Stay Active

You may or may not have noticed that you are more sedentary now than you ever were before. Although social distancing is benefiting you in many ways, it can also harm your physical wellbeing. With fewer places to go and fewer things to do, you are far less active. Even the simple task of waking up, getting ready and going into the office was a part of your daily exercise, but now most people likely wake up and move from their bedroom to the living room.

That being said, it is now vital to track your daily movement, to ensure you are getting enough exercise throughout the day to support a healthy mind and body. Research has shown, you should strive for about 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, which comes out to about 30 minutes 5 days a week. If you struggle to get in an adequate amount of exercise week to week, purchase a fitness tracker to help keep track of your movement, and also motivate you.

Eat Healthily

Along with a change in exercise and movement, social distancing can affect your eating habits as well. Many people may find themselves mindlessly over-snacking, out of boredom or stress, or not eating enough due to reduced activity or anxiety.

It is just as important to track your eating and drinking habits as it is to track your exercise habits because they compliment each other. You should aim to maintain a calorie deficit, so you need to adjust your amount of consumption based on the amount of exercise you’re getting each week.

You should avoid consuming foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat and focus on fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. You should also avoid drinking your calories in the form of soda and high sugar juices and switch to healthier alternatives like seltzer water. These foods and drinks will help you maintain a healthy weight and keep you energized and alert.

Get Outside

Lastly, another important aspect of staying mentally and physically healthy during this time is to get outside and enjoy nature. Getting sunlight and fresh air is an integral part of remaining healthy. Just taking a walk outside has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, which also reduces your heart rate and blood pressure.

Also, proper exposure to sunlight can improve your mood and overall health, as the sun causes your skin to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an active role in preventing or fighting illnesses such as arthritis, eczema, thyroiditis and more. Sunlight also triggers your brain to produce serotonin, whereas darkness triggers your brain to produce melatonin. According to Healthline, serotonin is known for boosting your mood and helping you feel calm and focused. Melatonin, however, is known for making you sleepy. So, try to get out of your house 1-3 times during the day for proper sun exposure, with the use of sunscreen, of course.

Although COVID-19 has drastically changed the way that you are able to do things, it shouldn’t hold you back from being your best self, both mentally and physically. There are plenty of things you can focus on that you may have put off before like confronting your health issues, adjusting your sleep patterns for better quality and making sure you’re eating and exercising correctly. Maintaining all of those activities will make you feel healthier and ready to take on the world before you know it.

Want To Boost Your Immune System? Improve Your Sleep Quality

Want To Boost Your Immune System? Improve Your Sleep Quality

Getting your body to its strongest and healthiest shape may have been lurking around your list of 2020 goals. With the current pandemic however — all plans to boost your immune system and body’s strength must now take top priority.

To achieve this, usual suspects like diets, vitamins and supplements are resorted to. But there’s another proven method to strengthen and boost your immunity. A method so easy, you can do it with both eyes closed: getting a good night’s sleep.

With its healing and restorative powers, we’ll be examining the general benefits of sleep and the special role it plays in improving your immunity. We’ll also be checking out what happens when you cut corners with sleep. Next to that we look into why 7+ hours of a night’s rest are essential for a healthy immune system.

At the first signs of a fever, it isn’t uncommon for friends and family alike to advise that you attempt a little rest to sleep it away. Have a headache? Get some sleep. Beginnings of the flu? Go lie down. There’s hardly any ailment whose first course of treatment doesn’t recommend some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation. But is there any basis to this?

When it comes to the question of sleep boosting your immune system and keeping illness at bay ⁠— you cannot dispute its effectiveness. Studies have shown that skimming on sleep can impact how easily susceptible the body becomes to disease-causing pathogens like bacteria and viruses. The amount of sleep you get at night influences your convalescence period. Quality sleep is likely to shorten it, and insufficient sleep only lengthens the recovery process.

Sleep works magic for immunity. Because of that, the immune system shows its thanks by improving the quality of sleep, allowing for better and deeper rest.


Sleep quiz

Benefits of sleep

When it comes to the benefits of sleep, its value in keeping morning crankiness at bay, banishing under eye circles or even magically fortifying beauty is widely accepted.

Beyond these benefits however, getting between 7-8 hours of sleep every night can greatly improve your body’s well-being in many important ways.

Here are 5 ways getting a good night’s rest could keep your body buzzing with energy and good health:

Sleep reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke

If it could, your heart would probably whisper ‘thanks’, whenever you kept to your bedtime, and postponed your favorite Netflix series till the morning.

In a study conducted on over 150,000 American adults, those who routinely slept 7-8 hours a night, showed a 25% reduced risk of having a stroke.

Good quality sleep also decreases the work your heart performs, as blood pressure and heart rates go down while sleeping.

It is important to note that the magic number for a good night’s sleep, rests between 6-8 hours. Anything below or above could prove dangerous to your heart’s health.

Sleep helps with weight control

If your morning workout has ever left you wishing you could lose weight while asleep, then we have a little news for you.

While sleep won’t have you losing ten pounds overnight, 7- 8 hours of rest at night could aid in weight control. Being sleep deprived can leave you unmotivated to exercise in the morning. A study shows it also encourages the brain to crave comfort foods like high carb snacks.

Adequate sleep helps prevent this. With healthy rest, you encourage your body’s regular production of Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and Lenin (the hormone that tells your body to stop eating).

Sleep is important for maintaining a good mood 

There’s a reason getting only a little sleep at night can leave you feeling plenty irritable, cranky and just downright miserable come morning.

Sleep has been proven to affect the mood. Studies have shown that even a partial deprivation of sleep can leave you feeling stressed, angry and mentally exhausted. Normal sleep can have a reversal effect on your mood.

Sleep increases productivity

Here’s a suggestion you might raise a brow at. The next time you feel unmotivated or uninspired at work? Make sure you get between 7- 8 hours of sleep later at night and subsequently after.

This is because insufficient and inconsistent sleep is proven to induce stress on the brain. It affects the rate your brain functions, translating to decreased work productivity.

With adequate sleep, you reduce your chances of burnout, improve your memory and make better decisions.

Sleep can help to prevent inflammation

Ordinarily, inflammation occurs as our body’s response to fight off disease-causing pathogens. Unfortunately, sometimes this response can be against harmless cells in the body, leading to auto-immune diseases like arthritis and lupus. 

This reaction can trigger because of a lack of sleep. Insufficient sleep has been shown to increase the levels of inflammation in the body.

Consistently getting quality sleep can help prevent inflammation brought on by poor sleeping habits.

Boost your immune system with sleep

Sleep and immunity operate on a two-way street. When disease-causing microbial organisms activate the immune system, it usually triggers an increase in the length of sleep and its intensity. When you don’t sleep well (enough), your immune system will weaken. In addition to being more susceptible to pathogens, you produce less sleep-inducing substances, so you will sleep less deeply. This sleep then assists the immune system in fighting off diseases.

By enhancing the length and intensity of sleep, the body’s defense system is strengthened. The production of hormones necessary for the countering of harmful organisms occurs during rest. Transmitters like cytokines which help to increase and regulate the immune system’s response to infection and inflammation are produced during the body’s deep sleep. Cytokines such as interleukin are also instrumental in inducing fatigue.

After assisting with defeating inflammation and infections, a good night’s sleep also ensures that your immune system remembers how to keep the bad guys out. It achieves this by strengthening the response memory of the immune system, allowing it to respond faster and more effectively to previously encountered microbes.

You produce infection fighting antibodies during sleep

Imagine this: your body is a war zone under direct attack from disease-causing pathogens. For protection, your immune system releases macho T-Cells with three things on their agenda:

  1. Recognize the pathogens
  2. Attach to them using adhesive proteins called integrins
  3. Eliminate them

There’s a snag however. Present in your body are molecules like adrenaline and prostaglandin which prevent your T-Cells from attaching, suppressing your immune response. This is where sleep comes in.

Research has shown lower levels of these molecules are produced while sleeping, allowing the T-Cells less interference to do their jobs.

Sleep helps in the production of Cytokines

To fight off infection and inflammation, the body relies on a group of proteins called cytokines.

These cytokines produce an immune response to attack and are produced and released during sleep.

What this means is, by laying vertically for 7 – 8 hours of shut-eye every night, you directly contribute to your body’s ability to fight off deadly infections.

Sleep assists in the repair of wounds

When you harm yourself through paper cuts or while playing as a contestant on Top Chef, your body will require some tissue repair to heal the wound.

Tissue growth and repair occurs during sleep when the brain can trigger the release of hormones that encourage the growth and repair of blood vessels.

This occurs between the 3rd and 4th stages of sleep, after the body has completed about 70% of rest.

The immune system works better during sleep

Thanks to the cytokines, infection fighting antibodies and cells produced during sleep, getting your body the adequate amount of rest will benefit your immune system.

What Happens To Your Immune System When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Think about it like this: your immune system is like a battalion of soldiers ready to go to war against disease causing pathogens for you. It simply requires that you arm it with a balanced diet, regular exercise and sleep to allow it to do its job efficiently.


Sleep plays an important role in producing antibodies, anti-inflammation, weight control, mood regulation, the improvement of heart health etcetera. Its absence or inadequacy could open the body to infections, inflammatory diseases like arthritis, obesity, depression and even life threatening heart disease like stroke or high blood pressure.

Without adequate sleep i.e. 7-8 hours, you surpress the body’s immune response. This opens it up to chronic systemic, low-grade inflammation which is linked to diseases like diabetes and neurodegeneration.

On the outside, a night of inadequate rest can leave your eye bags heavy, your emotions weary and your energy lacking. On the inside, things don’t look any better.

To have a strong enough immune system, your body needs the required amount of rest to boost its immunity. But as we’ve seen, the immune system also has a part to play in improving the body’s sleep. Making both body functions mutually beneficial and important to the other.

Sleep quiz
Somnox Raises Growth Capital From Healthcare Investor

Somnox Raises Growth Capital From Healthcare Investor

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 19 May 2020

Somnox has raised significant growth capital from Dutch investment fund: Health Investment Partners (HIP). The sleep-tech startup develops products and services that help people with sleeping problems improve their sleep quality.

HIP has expressed that investing in sleep, particularly at this time, is essential for a strong, healthy immune system. With their innovative Sleep Robot, Somnox has a proven technology to help people sleep better and improve their overall health.

HIP’s growth capital is supplemented by bank loans from Rabobank.


Figure 1: Somnox team in their Rotterdam office

It all started with a family member’s sleeping problem
Somnox was born Delft University of Technology out of the need to help a family member who suffered severely from sleep problems. In 2018, after hundreds of hours of research, testing and prototyping, Somnox – The World’s First Sleep Robot was introduced. And today it has helped over 4,500 people improve their sleep quality, overall health and quality of life.

After participating in YES! Delft’s accelerator program, Somnox carried out a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, as well as a collaboration with Koninklijke Auping. This led the creation of the first sleep robot prototype and a successful product on the market.

Since then, sleep-tech startup has successfully launched its products in the US and Europe and has garnered a lot of international media coverage (CNN, Fox, etc, etc). They have also won several prestigious industry awards for innovation and technology (Red Dot Design, Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award, Best of CES).

Helping 100 million people sleep better in 2030

“Our sleep-propositions and dream team are all set. The new capital will enable us to accelerate our growth worldwide. After a flying start in 2019, this injection will allow us to improve our current products and add several innovations to our portfolio.

We can scale up faster to achieve our mission of helping 100 million people sleep better in 2030. We will do this not only with products, but also with knowledge and services that contribute to this. To achieve this, we will focus our growth strategy over the next three years on the Netherlands, the US and the UK.”

Julian Jagtenberg
Somnox Founder


Figure 2: The Somnox Sleep Robot in use

The unique approach

Using Somnox’s Sleep Robot, bad sleepers can naturally fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up energetically with the device’s breathing regulation, sounds and mobile app. Science has proven the added value of breathing on sleep because of the main cause of sleeplessness –– stress and anxiety. People who have ‘tried everything’ before to improve their sleep will particularly benefit. Already, Somnox has over a hundred complimentary user experiences on TrustPilot.

Sleep as the best health insurance

“If we all got enough sleep? Then the health care system would be drastically reduced, we would have better mental health. Businesses would be more productive, global economies healthier, traffic safer and our children smarter. Sleep is the best health insurance you can get. A well-rested world is a better world.”

Julian Jagtenberg
Somnox Founder

Visual Material

Note for the editors: images of team Somnox and our products can be downloaded here.

About HIP (Health Investment Partner)

Health Investment Partners (HIP) is an investment fund that focuses on innovative companies with a sustainable impact in terms of prevention, efficiency and quality in healthcare. HIP does so providing growth capital and hands-on guidance. By doing so, HIP wants to contribute to keeping healthcare accessible. HIP has previously invested in QRS, FamilySupporters, Sananet, Mantelaar and SMan.

For more information:

About Somnox

Somnox develops products and services that contribute to a better night’s sleep. Their first product is the Somnox Sleep Robot which has received worldwide press attention for its innovative character to eliminate insomnia.

Somnox has won several prominent awards (Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award) and has a partnership with Auping. Somnox also owns several patents.

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Or for more information visit our website

Press Contacts

Somnox: Founder, Julian Jagtenberg, +31 613 999 013, [email protected]

HIP (Health Investment Partners): Robert Schumann, [email protected]

We all possess the superpower of sleep

We all possess the superpower of sleep

With Somnox we are doing our best to help 100 million people before 2030. We believe that sleep is a superpower – not just Somnox’s superpower, but of all of us.


A good night’s rest ensures a healthy life

Sleep is one of the main pillars of a healthy life. A good night’s rest ensures a better recovery of your body. At night your body rests from everything you’ve done and experienced during the day, to gather energy for the next day. Furthermore, a good night’s rest has many positive effects on our brain: less stress, a calmer feeling and an improved memory are just a few examples.

In today’s reality, the world is facing a major health crisis. A good night’s rest is more important than ever, because it has a positive effect on our immune system: after a good night’s sleep, you will feel stronger, fitter and more resilient to diseases. A good night’s rest doesn’t only make our parents and children stronger, but all of us.


How Somnox contributes to a good night’s rest

At Somnox we realised that rest and relaxation are the basis of a good night’s sleep. That is why we focus, among other things, on simulating calming breathing techniques with our Somnox Sleep Robot. In addition, we started the Somnox Academy with a video course of 27 lessons on the fundamentals of sleep. We want to expand this by sharing articles about sleep, breathing, and mindfulness on our blog and doing a sleep quiz that gives you free sleep advice. We have also been recording sleep meditations (for now only in Dutch) to help you sleep even deeper. Through our content we hope to accelerate our mission to make sleep more accessible for everyone.

To celebrate World Sleep Day, we have decided to give everyone who buys a Sleep Robot between the 13th and 20th of March a discount of €100,-. We also have something new for our Dutch customers: as of today, you can pay for the Sleep Robot in three installments. For all our products we offer the possibility to try them out for 30 nights. We also ensure Dutch quality, a two year warranty and lifelong support –– we will always be ready for you.

Sleep is a superpower –– for all of us. Let’s work together to make it as accessible as possible. For every age, for every budget, for everyone on this planet.

Order your Sleep Robot today.