Somnox Sleep Robot Updates

by | Oct 23, 2019

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We value your feedback a lot. That’s why these updates are a direct result from your input.

To update your Sleep Robot, you have to have a stable connection between your Sleep Robot and your mobile phone. Make sure that your charger is not connected with the Sleep Robot while updating. Read an extensive guide on how to update your Sleep Robot:

You can download the latest update here on iOS and Android.


✨ 04/20: Adjust your speed in adaptive breathing

Our redesigned breathing screen allows you to set the start speed and end speed when adaptive breathing is on. This allows you to better adjust the robot’s breathing to your own rhythm!




✨ 02/20: Renewed introduction screen for new users

This update is focused on giving new users a better experience when introducing the Sleep robot!




✨ 12/19: New breathing programme designs

In this update we’ve improved the design and user experience of the breathing program selection, added more information about the breathing programs. Next to that, we’ve added the user’s name to the Hello message at the home and breathing tab. The lightning icon is now replaced with a standard Bluetooth icon!




✨ 11/19: Accessibility update

The application is now automatically adjusted based on the accessibility settings of your device.




📱 11/19: Somnox Support 2.0

Where can I find the right information? In the app? The manual? On a website? Or should I make a phone call? Why isn’t there one central point where I can find everything?
We heard you. Therefore we are pleased to announce the Somnox Support 2.0 – a new way to support you through an updated live chat, an always up-to-date knowledge base and support messages for new Sleep Robot users. Have all information available in one central place.
  • ✨ Added: Somnox Support for improving communication between you and Somnox
  • ✨ Added: Audio will fade out when the Sleep Program is ending

Read more on the different ways you can use this:



🔨 10/19: New Welcome Screen

In this update, we focused on improving the existing features of the mobile application. We directed our efforts on improving stability, performance and the first user experience.


– Brand new first-time experience with the Somnox Companion App
– Logging in and signing up user experience and interface has been improved
– Improved Bluetooth communication with Sleep Robot in terms of stability and performance

🍎 iOS:
– When creating an account with Somnox, you will receive onboarding emails based on your phone’s language settings now
– Fixed bug where Serial Number registration prompt-up was unnecessary
– Fixed a crash when no account is logged in somehow

🤖 Android:
– Sleep Robot updates can now be performed on the background
– Fixed a bug where performing a Sleep Robot update for the second time would result in a crash
– Fixed some translations issues

Important: Don’t swipe away the update notification on your Android phone, because this disrupts the update. Wondering how the notification will look like? See the image down below.



📱 08/19: Status Screen

During the feedback rounds in the past month, you asked us to display more valuable information about your Sleep Robot. In the past month, we have focused on delivering exactly that. We’re introducing the Somnox Status Screen, displaying:

– The battery status of the Sleep Robot
– The firmware update changelog of the Sleep Robot
– The installed software version of the Sleep Robot

Next to that, we did some behind-the-scenes maintenance to make the app more stable. At last, we’ve improved our support in German 🇩🇪.



🔋 07/19: Battery Improvements

The July 2019 update introduced the low power mode: once your Sleep Robot is turned off, it will consume 50% less battery than before. This creates an overall battery life improvement of around 20%.


✨ 06/19: Adaptive Breathing

The June 2019 update introduced a beta version of the Adaptive Breathing: your Sleep Robot will measure your breathing speed and automatically synchronizes itself to you. After this, it will gradually bring you to a slower and more relaxed breathing pattern. How to turn it on? Just enable the button on your Breathing home screen.



✨ 06/19: New Design

In the June 2019 update, we did a big overhaul on our Companion App design.

We’ve updated the design to:

  1. Help you find the right settings straight away
  2. Change the overall mood and atmosphere
  3. Improve the readability for use during the evening

We did this by doing extensive research and create a more useful and intuitive navigation experience in the app. Next to that, we’ve added new icons and engaging illustrations to support you to use the app more intuitively.


🎵 06/19: Upload your own music 

Because everyone has a different taste, we added the ability to upload your own music, audiobooks, podcasts or any other audio file to your Sleep Robot. You can learn how to do that by following the guide by clicking here.


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